Making the most of every opportunity with lean manufacturing

The Business

Kids Funtime Beds are a mass customization bed manufacturer based in Wythenshawe, Manchester. The business produces a range of children’s beds which can be personalised to the customers specification.

The challenge

Tony approached the Business Growth Hub for help and was introduced to specialist Manufacturing Advisor Geoff Crossley. Geoff got to know the business to understand their aspirations and their challenges and was able to work with them directly to implement lean manufacturing.

“Kids Funtime Beds were producing a high quality unique product, but the lead times to meet the order book were becoming problematic. On walking the site the first thing I noticed was inventory in stock, spare components and work in progress.

In addition to this it became apparent that they also had problems with the quality of paint, which wasn’t drying correctly and was requiring expensive rework.”

The solution

Tony said;

“The recommendations that Geoff made to the business at first seemed daunting as there was a lot to do. But Geoff guided us through the process and helped us prioritise the most important tasks. Whilst it has taken time the benefits outweigh this ten-fold.”

In addition to the one-to-support they received from Geoff, they were awarded one of the Manufacturing Growth Fund's capital grants to purchase mezzanine floors and new paint spray pumps. This enabled the business to resolve the challenges with paint quality and create new production space in the factory which has seen them launch a new product.

The future

Following support from the Fund, the business anticipate further growth and expect to take on more staff to manage increased demand.

For further guidance or specific questions about the criteria, please call 0161 359 3050 and we’ll be happy to discuss your businesses eligibility for the Fund.